A Funders Fair in Greenwich (March 2020)

Dear All, 

Following our successful Voluntary & Community Sector in Greenwich Conference last month, I've now booked a room in our Town Hall to hold our first ever 'Funders Fair' for our VCS in the borough. 

I know that LB Lambeth has done these regularly, but not sure about other boroughs. 

Before I start making detailed plans for the morning (it's just 9:30am - 12 noon), I'd be interested in hearing how others have run such an event, and if you have any tips or feedback from your own experiences on how to make it as successful as possible.

  • Do you have presentaions?
  • Bid writing workshops?
  • Any other kind of workshop? 
  • Just stands? 

Thanks for any feedback you can provide before I get started! 

Peta Cubberley (peta.cubberley@royalgreenwich.gov.uk / 020 8921 8164) 

Royal Borough of Greenwich